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Professional service provider for a complete set of solutions for inflatable temperature regulating clothing materials

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A one-stop service technology enterprise that integrates design, research and development, production, and sales.

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  • Inflatable thermal assault suit
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Equipped with inflation valve design, press inflation, fast and convenient
Apply ZERO DOWN in the chest position ® Patented technology for zero down i···

Inflatable thermal assault suit

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XT5218 empowers inflatable thermal jackets
Killtec sold 100000 meters in 2022
The detachable inflatable neck pillow device allows for both commuting, tra···
CROQUIS Sketching In the autumn of 2022, a specially designed inflatable ja···
The air vest developed by JNBY in collaboration with our company for the fi···
XT7800 has a smooth, waxy and fluffy feel, a soft luster, a comfortable fee···


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The sales volume of Killtec in 2022 was 100000 meters.
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